Below is a list of our archived articles. Starting in May 2012 we will be adding new articles to our blog that are related to our featured studies of the month. Updated versions of many of these articles will eventually be posted on the blog.

How to Write and Lead 30 Minute Bible Studies
How to read eBooks from Smashwords on Kindle
A Brief Prophetic History of Israel
Ahab and Jezebel
BOOK REVIEW: Gospel and Kingdom: A Christian interpretation of the Old Testament
BOOK REVIEW: Pierced for our Transgressions
BOOK REVIEW: The Servant King: Reading the Bible Today - Mark
Christ was not Jesus' last name
Clean vs Unclean
David and Bathsheba
DVD REVIEW: VeggieTales - King George and The Ducky: A lesson about selfishness
Judah and Tamar
Making sense of Easter for children
Miracles of Jesus: Feeding the people
MUSIC REVIEW: King of Christmas
Redemption in Ruth
Ruth and Jubilee
Sacrifice and Atonement
Thy Kingdom Come
Who is God talking to in Genesis 1?
Worshipping in Truth