Why 30 Minute Bible Studies?

30 Minute Bible Studies was the child of necessity. A group of busy parents were looking for short studies to fit in between pre-school drop-offs, feeds and naps. Members of our group range from those who have been Christians since childhood, some who had never been to a Bible Study before, and everything in between!

We started with the Gospel of Mark, and then found that we needed an overview of the Old Testament. When we couldn't find anything appropriate, we wrote our own studies to be short, Christ-centered, non-confrontational and easily able to be applied to our lives. We sought to let the Bible explain itself with cross-references rather than lengthy explanations.

The studies are ideal for:

Through these Bible study meetings it has been a great blessing for us to see two dear sisters come to know Christ and many others grow in their faith.

In early 2006 our pastor asked a hypothetical question in his sermon, "How much money would you be prepared to pay to guarantee someone became a Christian?" This led us to pondering how much are we prepared to give to help lead others to Christ? We had been thinking about sharing these studies with a wider audience for a while, but that sermon was the catalyst for us to get moving.

We had seen how our simple questions written in a non-confrontational format had helped our friends to understand God's word and apply it to their own situation. It was time to us to practice what we have long been preaching to our children and to share.

Our prayer is that our material will be helpful for your group and that God will bless you and help you lead others to Christ.

Your sisters in Christ,
Deborah and Narelle

Deborah Horscroft has studied Psychology, English Literature and Theology and has been writing and leading Bible Studies for over twenty years. Deborah lives in Canberra with her husband and children, and is the school chaplain at a public school. She is also employed by the University of NSW as a tutor for a general studies course studying the interaction between Science and Religion.

Narelle Atkins has completed a Preliminary Theological Certificate from Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. She writes Christian fiction and lives in Canberra with her husband and children. To learn more about Narelle, please visit her website.

Together, Deborah and Narelle led a ladies’ Bible study group at their local church for many years and wrote numerous Bible studies for their group.