Welcome to the 30 Minute Bible Studies website. We offer Bible study resources and have a number of Bible study questions available for free on our Studies page.

In May 2012 we launched the 30 Minute Bible Studies blog, containing additional free resources to help you use our Bible Studies.

We are publishing leader's guides at Smashwords to accompany our Bible study questions.

Featured Studies

People of the Old Testament: Hannah, David and Bathsheba

The leader's guide for Bible studies from our People of the Old Testament series. Two studies on Hannah. Two studies on David and Bathsheba. Available for 1.99 USD at Smashwords.

Our People of the Old Testament Bible studies explore the lives of men and women who lived before Jesus walked on earth. We look at how God worked in their lives and the role they may have played in God’s plan of salvation.

In August 2012 we had additional resources related to these studies available on our blog.